Mobile broadband from Three


I’ve grown tired of the restrictive filtering at work (a necessary evil of working in a school I guess!). I can easily bypass the filtering using ssh-tunnelling (especially as no-one else at work has a clue how all this works 🙂 ) but the tunnel isn’t very stable and the connection is often slow. Incidentally I was able to use the same technique to bypass the filtering imposed by the government in China.

I saw an offer on the Three website for mobile-broadband for half-price mobile broadband for existing customers. The catch was the 18-month contract but at prices from £5 a month it seemed reasonable. I signed up (using the Quidco referral site which earned me £37.50 cashback in the process) for the 1Gb broadband lite package. I guessed that I would be using close to 1Gb a month using the connection for up to 8hrs a day so I upgraded to the 3Gb package for £7.50 a month instead.

Good points of Three mobile broadband:
Fast, fairly reliable, no problems with streaming data, all Internet apps work with it.

Bad points of Three mobile broadband:
Occasionally the connection drops out and you need to disconnect and reconnect.
Sometimes the latency is high so the connection doesn’t feel responsive.
The latency makes it impossible to play online games like World of Warcraft (to be playable).

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