Geotagging photos


As I’ve mentioned before, my phone is a Nokia N95 which comes equipped with a GPS receiver.  I’m running the Shozu application on it which auto-uploads my images to Flickr.  If Shozu is able get a GPS fix from the receiver, it will tag a photo with coordinates so that Flickr is able to place this photo on a map. 

Unfortunately the maps in Flickr don’t allow you to zoom in with much detail.  For this I had to import my photos into google maps using the geofeed that Flickr creates (similar to an RSS feed). 

To import your geotagged Flickr photos into Google maps simple locate and copy the geofeed link (at the bottom of your photostream with the RSS feed).  Next log into Google maps with your google ID and create a new map.  You click on the link to import data and simple paste in your geofeed link from Flickr.  Google will import your data and put pushpins on the map corresponding to your geodata.  Note the images remain hosted on Flickr.

I  have also used my geofeed data to import the information into Microsoft’s mapping engine ( since they have excellent birds-eye aerial photos of my area.

If only the battery life on my Nokia N95 was better I might be able to take a few more photographs!  I’ve got Jasper, my sister’s dog stopping with me for a few weeks, and have been doing a lot of walking.  It’s amazing what you discover close to home when walking, having geotagging makes it easy to locate your photos on a map (and see the surrounding area too).

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