Podcasts in the car


I listen to a selection of technology & education podcasts.  In fact I probably listen to too many podcasts now – Radio 2 rarely gets a look in.  I listen to these on my ipod classic because it’s so easy to follow this way using iTunes.

I recently bought a new car (Volvo C30 – left) and one of the dealer fit options was an ipod interface.  As someone who spends 2 hours a day in the car, the ability to work the ipod from the steering wheel was very desirable – so I had it fitted. 

I have to say it has made it easier for me to listen to podcasts inside the car, and the ipod is hidden away from prying eyes.  The interface also has the ability to play music files back off a usb flashdrive – potentially quite handy. 

With the ubiquity of ipods and usb music players it can only be a matter of time before we see this kind of technology fitted as standard on more cars.




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