Using Google Docs to create a 'contact me' form on Blogger

I’ve seen plenty of people using the more powerful Zoho content creator to make a ‘contact me’ page (and it does have plenty of powerful features including captcha and file upload).

I had heard of people using Google forms for data collection (e.g. Tom Barrett, Tim Dolan and D Goodwin) and I knew that Google spreadsheets can be configured to send email when updated.  Put the two together and you have a ‘contact me’ form.

1.  Log on to Google Apps and create a form


2. Add the fields you wish your contact form to have

3. You can embed the code (click here to get it) in a blog post or a Google Sites page


4. Copy the link at the bottom of the page and make a note of it – this is the URL you’ll need to link to if you want people to click on a link and fill in your form.


5. Change the notification rules so you are notified of any submissions.


Job done!  I’m running both the Google Forms ‘contact me’ page and the Zoho one here if you want to see what they look like.

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