Ubuntu vs. Windows 7

My netbook was running out of space and I decided to try Ubuntu out.  I’d been dipping in and out of Ubuntu’s beta version on a USB drive so I gave that a try.  I installed it on all my machines to give it a good run.  Installation is a breeze and extremely quick compared to a Windows installation.  When the installation was over all the hardware just worked – no drivers needed.  A full installation took a little over 2Gb and the machines were extremely responsive.  One or two applications lacked a little polish – movie editing software didn’t seem very intuitive.  I use several specialist pieces of Windows software – I was impressed that I even managed to get Writing with Symbols 2000 working under wine.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get all my software to run under Wine, and I had a few problems with Openoffice which cost me time sorting them out.



A new 16Gb SSD had arrived in the post so I decided to V-lite Windows 7 (trim some of the fat before installation).  The installation from CD took significantly longer than Ubuntu!  I also had a little accident while I was adjusting the partitions on my main laptop – I managed to trash the partitions including the recovery partition.  Having backups of most of my data on USB HDD and online backups of recent made me decide to totally wipe the laptop and give Windows 7 a go on that machine too.   Installation went smoothly although it took a little rooting around online to find out how to kick-start Aero for my transparent windows.   I liked the built in collection of Themes from Microsoft – although this isn’t really a reason for choosing an operating system! (The customised login screen is nice but you can do that in Ubuntu too!)



I’m not sure which I prefer – Ubuntu has a lot going for it and it’s only the need for some of my specialized software which brought me back to Windows.


I decided to summarise my thoughts in a table. 


Windows 7

boot up Fastest Still fast
Installation size 2.5Gb max plus swap partition 8Gb with no swap/hibernate
Wireless Worked out of box Worked out of box
Internal 3G support Works out of box Needs Dell’s Vista drivers and connection manager software
Proxy Built in proxy swapper Needs extra software running (in XP compatibility mode)
Speed Fast and responsive Fast and responsive
Video editing Not very intuitive Needs downloadable add-on from Microsoft site
Use of SSH for SSH tunnel Gnome SSH tunnel manager in repository Use Putty
Samba/Peer to peer Networking Shares files and printers without issue Shares files and printers without issue.  Windows Homegroup simplifies sharing files between PCs.
Interface Easy to navigate.  Works well on any size screen Task bar takes getting used to.  Lots of window changes and mouse moves over buttons
Security Secure
Anti-virus not needed
Time will tell.  Most secure version of Windows yet (?)
Anti-virus software still needed (free for home users)
Office software Open office fine for basic tasks but becomes frustrating for more complex tasks Office is a market leader and powerful once you master the ribbon.  It isn’t free but is cheap if you are a teacher!
Open office is available for the PC too
Personal finance software Couldn’t get the better packages to sync with my bank.  MS Money syncs with my bank and has the biggest feature set.
Blogging Software a poor second to Microsoft Live Writer The best off-line blog writing software I’ve used.
File sync software Jungledisk
As for Ubuntu plus MS Live Mesh – which works much better than Dropbox
Other software I managed to get one piece working under wine.  Several did not – would need a virtual machine to run (problems printing etc) All my windows software worked fine.
Versions Several – Desktop, server and netbook remix (other minor versions too) Too many to list – MS is hoping to shaft netbook owners by making them pay to run more than 3 apps (is this the 1990’s again?)
Price Free TBA (but likely to be costly)
Updates Most software updates automatically – easy to add repositories to make more auto-update Microsoft software updates automatically.  Other software varies
iPod support Basic – needs some tweaking to get podcasts to update and show in correct section Love it or hate it, iTunes works straight out of the box
Community Small but lots of experts
Many “fan boys” or die-hard fans
Sense of pride using Ubuntu s/w
Divided but several large forums
Lots of information about previous versions on net


I’m still not sure which I prefer – time using Windows 7 (I’ve only installed this weekend) will tell.  Another factor which may decide for many people is the price.  Ubunt
u remains free of charge – Microsoft have been cagey about the pricing and version-specific limitations that will affect net books.


Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with anything I’ve said.

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