Pimp your SSD netbook storage with Windows

Chances are if your netbook has an SSD that you won’t have a great deal of free space after you’ve installed your operating system.  If you want to enable Windows Update you’ll need to leave some free space on your disk too.  So what are your options?

  • Vlite your Windows installation – cut out all the rubbish so it takes as little space as possible.  Google is your friend here – tutorials online are plentiful.

  • Install an SD card in the slot and use it for storage.  In Windows 7 it is only a couple of mouse clicks to move your documents folders onto your SD card.  If you use utilities like dropbox or Live Mesh, then follow this hack here to make the SD card behave like a fixed disk.

  • Use a micro-SD card in a mini USB reader.  This is the micro SD card reader that I bought from here.  The reader has a very low profile and hardly protrudes from the side of the netbook – an essential purchase. 






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