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I heard about from a friend and had to try it out.  The idea of the product is that Graze sends you healthy and nutritious snacks that towards your 5 a day.  Their website allows you to customise the product in countless ways, both in terms of what you receive and when you receive it.When you sign up for you are given the choice of pre-created boxes or the option to build your own (the most popular choice).  As part of your box you receive a portion of fresh fruit, and two smaller portions of snacks.  You can opt to swap the mid-sized box for olives (instead of dried fruit etc) but this substitution costs extra.Graze works without commitment.  You can order regular boxes (with the options to skip/push back the next box) or order one-off boxes to any address.  Boxes are shipped by first class post and are designed to fit through the average letterbox.  I’ve received two boxes to date, the first taking two days to arrive and the second arriving the next day.You also get to customise the snacks you receive.  As well as adding olives to your order, you can rate the foods you like and don’t like so that you only ever receive foods that you will eat.  You can also mark foods try (the default setting) so that you get sent them to try out, a good way to see what new things taste like.  I binned all the dried mixes that have chilli in – so I can be confident that I will not receive them.After a box is shipped you get an email telling you it is on the way, and what it contains.  You then have the option to rate the items you receive once you have tried them, customising your boxes further to meet your tastes.  You can also see nutritional advice and information about the company on what is a slick and well designed website, which is quick and responsive to use.The box includes a napkin and bamboo forks.  These allow you to eat your fruit (and olives) anywhere with no mess.  The box can be recycled and the plastic packaging claims to be recyclable although without identifying the exact type of plastic it is impossible to say for sure.I’ve taken a selection of photographs showing the unboxing of a delivery, so you can see for yourself what they contain. Final verdict.I’m impressed with the website; the system is extremely user-friendly and offers a good experience for the consumer.  I was less impressed by deliveries that take two days to arrive, but that reflects the state of our first-class post system and not  It does mean that you can never count on a box to arrive on a particular day, for example I would not arrange for a box to be delivered to work on a Friday just in case it was held up in the post.The main obstacle to the success of is the price.  If they ever get this down they could be on to a winner.  A standard box costs £2.99 and one including olives costs £3.49.My first box included around 120g grapes (with irritating tiny stalks that were a pain to remove due to the way they had been trimmed), a punnet of olives and a small punnet of chocolate coated peanuts.  I estimated the total cost of the snacks at under £1.50 had I bought them in the supermarket.  Of course you are paying a premium for the preparation and convenience in the same way that you do for pots of fruit salad in Tesco etc.My second box (shown in the photographs) consisted of approx 130g fresh pineapple (with a clever sleeve to help keep it moist in the pack), a punnet of olives and small punnet of honey coated peanuts.  Again I’d estimate the cost in a supermarket at under £1.50.Will I be using on a regular basis?  Probably.  I love the website and some of the dried fruits/seeds they offer.  The key to making it special is to select mixes of fruits and seeds that you probably wouldn’t get so easily in the supermarket.  The choice of fruit (which you have to include in a box) is limited at the moment, although I would hope that Graze offer more choice as they become established (or perhaps the choice to add 2 extra medium punnets to replace the large punnet of fresh fruit).

Don’t take my word for it – get a free box for yourself.  To get a free box (and your second half price) either follow one of the links in this article or quote code GMF7GV7

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