Filmclub ??? bringing the power of cinema into your classroom

I’ve tried to choose movies that students wouldn’t have seen before, and have let myself be guided by the “Filmclub recommends” section on the website.  It is also possible to search for films by theme (e.g. bullying), by age range or by other criteria.Students have been very positive about our film club and I get asked questions about upcoming films several times a week.  There are films suitable for all ages (even some with a 15 certificate) and I would imagine students from primary, secondary and special education being equally enthused by this scheme.What next?As well as showing movies to students, we have a few ideas of what else we can do with our film club.

  • Joint parent/student screenings – to get parents into school and talking to staff
  • Induction of new students – getting year 6 students in from our feeder school for a shared screening, helping familiarise them with some of students and premises.
  • Oscars event – complete with red carpet and paparazzi outside, as part of an awards or celebration event.
  • Linking films to special events at school – e.g. book day, poetry day, anti-bullying week

Do you run a film club at your school?  Do you have any ideas of how we can expand film club to a wider audience or involve parents?

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  1. Having seen some clips of the film experiences that Filmclub bring it should be a good day! Somehow I missed your original post (I've resubscribed to your blog) – it is good to see children enjoying and celebrating some excellent films. I'd be interested to see if established film clubs have managed to use the films they watch to enhance the curriculum (e.g. creative writing, science week) and any other success stories. Be sure to let us know how your "Film Club on the Road" experience goes! I'm hoping that FilmClub won't be adversely affected by the cuts to the DCSF after-school club funding – fingers crossed.

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