Nokia 5800???multiple copies of photos upload to Flickr

I have been getting fed up of this problem – sometimes more than five copies have been uploaded by the Share Online software.  To fix this, earlier this week I wiped my 5800 and the memory card, and re-installed the minimum of software.  What happened when I came to upload my first photo from my newly set-up phone? You’ve guessed it – 15 copies of each photo on Flickr before I stopped the upload.

Fortunately I was able find a solution to the problem.  Visit from your handset and install the Flickr settings.  The Furtiv uploader appears not to suffer from the multiple upload problems of the pre-installed Nokia Share-online software.

The lack of support or development from Nokia is pushing me steadily towards an alternative smartphone.  Am I the only one to suffer from this problem?

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