The problem with being popular in a school!

I’ve taught at my school for quite a while and organised many charity events.  I’ve been in the stocks, had my head shaved, head painted and numerous other punishments dished out my the students.  I’ve thought up numerous evil punishments to be inflicted on my colleagues (including the dreaded jelly pants) but this afternoon I experienced what has to be the worst punishment a teacher can endure – the bath of beans!

But why?  Our purpose as a school is to educate the whole child, and encouraging the development of social skills (and enterprise skills) as well academic skills is very important to us.  Charity days like Children in Need provides an opportunity for students to work together in planning and implementing a fun-packed day in which we raise money for a good cause.  Students work collaboratively and cooperatively for days at a time, new friendships are formed and new skills shared and learnt.  Isn’t it our job as teachers to foster these skills in the students under our care?

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