Corporate greed at @ThreeUK

I’ve sat back as others have mentioned poor service from Three – thinking that these are rare cases that never happen to me.  But they do.

I got my recent bill today which has gone up by 10.6% so I contacted Three to find out why.  It’s the VAT increase I’m told.  Funny – VAT has only gone up from 17.5% to 20% so why the increase?  I am given a wishy-washy explanation (I don’t think the customer service rep understood their script) about receiving a loyalty discount that includes VAT.  They’ve decreased my pre-VAT loyalty discount so I get the same amount knocked off my bill.

Funny Three.  Why is it when the VAT rate was 15% you didn’t apply the corresponding adjustment to my loyalty discount then? Could it be that you just want to milk your customers, many of who have no choice and are locked into contracts with you?  A cynical person might think that this was just blatant corporate profiteering – and I would be inclined to agree.

I’ll be leaving Three when my contract expires at the end of May.  The reception has gone to pot and now the customer service too!

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