Eureka museum expands upon its (poorly explained) policy on unaccompanied adults

    • Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

      Eureka! is a hands-on children???s museum designed specifically for children between birth and 11. Because the Eureka! experience is not designed for adults, those who choose to visit on their own are typically teachers and students having a

      look before bringing their children along or people from other organisations undertaking research. By calling ahead and signing in, we are able to support their visit and provide additional relevant information- which is really appreciated. Adults who come on their own without any of the above reasons often mistakenly believe that we are a science museum or museum of childhood and are disappointed when they realise Eureka! is a play-based children???s museum; by calling ahead this can be avoided. We do not take any personal information other than name and reason for visit. At Eureka!, we are committed to providing the best possible experience in safe and secure surroundings; feedback on this particular policy consistently indicates that our visitors feel reassured by it.

  • Credit to Eureka for responding, but at the end of the day their policy is poorly explained (they don’t bother giving ANY explanation on their website) their policy still appears as child protection overkill. Would it harm the jobs-worths at Eureka to post the information above on their website?

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