How can a company turning over as much money as Apple have such poor customer service?

Of course we know the answer.  Because they don’t care – as long as the pounds keep flowing in.

I sent an email to Apple because my newly upgraded copy of iTunes wouldn’t connect to the iTunes store (incidentally I had to remove every Apple software product and do a full reinstall to get it working again – but I found this out from a member of the public on Apple’s forums, not from Apple).  I gave all the required information including the fact that I run 64bit Windows 7 (in common with most recent computers).  

You can imagine how annoyed I would be to receive an email from them saying

I see from your email that you have Windows XP Professional x64 Edition installed on your computer and you are unable to use the iTunes Store. I can imagine how dismaying and concerning this can be for you. Please know, I will be happy to assist you with this!

I have gone ahead and looked into this for you and it appears that the iTunes application does not currently support Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. To use iTunes, your PC must meet the Windows system requirements listed on the iTunes download page:”

Clearly they only scanned the email and then I got a standard copy and pasted response based on incorrect information.  Sloppy service – I honestly expected better of them.

Of course if Apple bothered to write decent software for Windows instead of blaming Microsoft we wouldn’t find ourselves in this position!

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