One of the hardest things I've ever had to do at work – lead the school in saying goodbye to a friend and much loved member of staff

The pupils of the school got together today for a special assembly to say goodbye to Sharon, much loved colleague who passed away less than two weeks ago. Students wrote down their favourite memories and read them out to the school. We released our memories (on balloons) and said our farewells as a group.

My favourite memory was of getting the giggles in assembly. Sharon started laughing and pointed out a student sat staring at me. I started laughing and we couldn’t stop. ??Sharon sat biting her finger, we tried looking down but it was no good. In the end Sharon had to run out of assembly to stop herself laughing. ??This story reminds me what a fantastic sense of humour she had and how she will be missed dearly by the staff and students at School.

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