Twitter music–it’s pretty good (as long as you have Spotify)

I’m a long time user of Spotify and one of the reasons I like it is the social interaction and shared playlists (previous review here).  I decided to try Twitter music because I’d heard about it on the internet and thought it could be find new music and artists to listen to.
I have to say that as a music discovery tool that Twitter music has the potential to be very powerful.
You can show music playlists:

  1. from artists that are trending across Twitter
  2. show “emerging” music that represents upcoming artists
  3. show suggested music that you might like
  4. show music tweeted by people you follow
  5. Show artists that you follow

Unfortunately some of these options are only as useful as the group of people you follow.  I don’t know if the people I follow don’t tweet enough music but I found the suggested music playlist and the playlist of people I follow were completely empty, and I don’t use Twitter to stalk celebrities so my artists playlist is empty too.
Having Spotify means that you are able to listen to full tracks rather than clips (for tracks in their catalogue), and the integration on both the iOS app and the web app with Spotify was flawless.  (The app does support rdio if you use this in preference to Spotify)
For now the service is limited to iOS devices and a web app, but I would recommend Twitter users to check it out.   The more you tweet about music and follow artists, the more useful the service will be to you.
(I am hoping the service becomes more reliable as more people start to use it)

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