Book review 11:22:63 by Stephen King

This book had been sitting in my house for quite a while, and only the sheer size of it had prevented me from starting it sooner.  I’ve always been a fan of Stephen King novels (although he needs to work on his endings) and this one is no exception.
The plot revolves around a hole in time in the kitchen of a local diner.  The owner realises that he can go back in time to 1958 by passing through the time hole, and he tasks local school teacher with the job of going back in time and preventing JFK from being assassinated in 1963.  Because the hole only goes to 1958 that means living in the past undetected for five years, but armed with knowledge of the future that he can use to his advantage.
As with lots of of Stephen King books, he spends a lot of time developing the characters so that as you get into the book you really feel as though you know them, and you want to know what will happen to them.  The characters are believable and you get pulled in to their plight throughout the story.   The detail in the book makes it easy to visualise as he keeps the suspense going throughout the story and you want to keep reading to find out what happens next.  This isn’t a horror story (although there is a little violence in it and a brief reference to one of his other popular novels, ‘IT’) and I could imagine this appealing to a whole new genre of fans who aren’t into his usual brand of books.
Despite the size of this book, I found that once I started I was unable to put it down and I spent many spare hours reading, wanting to know what would happen next.  Of course as with many Stephen King books, the ending isn’t as good as it could be but at least it ties up all the loose ends and comes to a conclusion (I hate open endings!).  I would unreservedly recommend this book to others, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Let me know what you thought of it.

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