Book review: Ash–James Herbert

I’ve had this one sat in my Kindle App for a while (mainly because I was waiting to buy myself an e-Ink reader rather than reading it on my ipad).
This is a strange novel for James Herbert and I think he must have been high on pain medication when he wrote parts of it.  The story opens with a psychic investigator and hints at some of the terrible things he has seen (the hint makes you think we’ll find out about them later) but that avenue is left unexplored, possibly because we’ve met this character before in other books.  He is contracted to go do some ghost hunting at a Scottish castle owned by a group of ultra-elite millionaires in a secret society like the Illuminati.
The tension builds as Ash (the investigator) travels to the castle, and then even more on his eventual arrival.  We are gradually introduced to the occupants of the castle, many of whom are believable characters.  As the plot progresses we find out that several high profile names are in residence at the castle (and lots of them) which starts to make the plot seem even less believable (that’s if you can think of a ghost story as believable).
The characters are reasonable and fleshed out, although the chocolate-box love theme is a little too perfect and mushy for James Herbert.  However in his usual style the pace of the story builds to an explosive (literally) finale and fairly dull ending.
Worth the 20p I paid for the Kindle version but I would have been disappointed if I’d paid RRP for this book.  I still enjoyed it but have to take the characters and plot with a pinch of salt…

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