Is Groupon leaking your email address to spammers? @groupon_UK

A while ago I set up a special email domain for using to track down who was leaking my email address to spammers.  From that point on every potentially dodgy website I sign up to has a unique email address that is only used on that site and nowhere else.  That means that I can check my spam email box and see who is leaking my email address.  Groupon – you are not the first company to email me and tell me that you’ve leaked my email address, but you are the first to leak my email address to a spammer (and I don’t recall them owning up to it but I could be wrong).
If you have ever signed up to a Groupon deal you know where some of your spam has come from (besides the rubbish they send you every day)

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  1. I used a specific, identifiable email address to sign up to Groupon. It is an infinitesimal likelihood that it would be generated randomly by spam bots and yet I now get various kinds of spam to that address (other than Groupon’s own not-so-good-anymore-offers). My conclusionL yes Groupon has either leaked or sold my address to a completely dodgy party.
    Bye-bye Groupon, all further correspondence go direct to the spam-bin!

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