Book review: The Young Atheist's Handbook by Alom Shaha

The author, Alom Shaha, has been in my Twitter circle for years as a physics teacher but I’d not got around to reading his book as the title put me off (it made me think of some kind of anti-bible).  Following lots of discussion about this book from my circle of science teachers on Twitter I decided to check it out again.  After reading some reviews I found out that this book was a mixture of autobiography and reflections on atheism and decided to give it a go.
I found the book extremely easy to read and the stories from the author’s childhood held my interest, and gave an engaging framework on which to pin the more gritty content.  The language of the book is suitable for all would be highly appropriate for older school pupils and university students who are starting to question their beliefs.  Having dabbled with writing by Richard Dawkins, I found this book far easier to digest and relate to.
I have already recommended this book to my friends – and I hope Alom goes on to write again.  I rated this book 5/5 stars on Amazon/Goodreads because it tackles a difficult subject in a sensitive and engaging way.

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