Online bingo from PaddyPower (@paddypowerbingo) – don't waste your time.

Those people that know me well know I have a fondness for playing bingo on my iPad.  I play a number of different bingo games on my tablet but always for ‘tokens’ that have no real value.
While using Facebook I came upon an ad for Paddypower bingo offering me a £30 credit if I deposited £5.  There is a slight catch – the £5 has to be spent within 48 hours and the free credit is only valid for a week.  I might not have signed up if I had read these terms and conditions before I joined but I rushed right in eager to play.
bingo ad
The first thing that struck me was that the bingo is nothing like proper bingo.  It is more like playing bingo on a fruit machine since it is a totally passive experience.  You can play up to 60 cards at one in some games and there is no way anyone but an octopus with superpowers could play 60 cards at once!
Some of the games are over in seconds, others last a little longer as you see who won the first line, two lines and then a full house.  The software automatically moves those cards needing fewest numbers to the top of the screen and all the player does is sit and watch (regardless on whether you play on a flash-enabled browser or on your tablet).
The images show the game in simplified mode (just the numbers you need) and normal mode (proper bingo cards).
IMG_0323 IMG_0324
Because they realise the novelty of watching bingo cards dancing and changing position on the screen can only hold your attention for so long, Paddypower employ a number of chat hosts who post motivational messages in the chat room.  I assume these people are employed on the basis of their personalities since their literacy and grammar skills appear not to have been tested during the interview process…
To make matters even worse I only received £20 bonus credit, not £30 as promised because I clicked through an affiliate link.  Paddypower told me to chase them – even though I have no contact details and the link takes you straight to the PaddyPower signup page.
Would I recommend this to any of my bingo loving friends? Not a chance.  If you like sitting in front of the screen chatting about the moderators shopping and watching your bingo cards shuffle themselves (with a marginally small chance of winning anything) then this might be for you.  I did manage to win just over £1 with my £25 of gambling credit, but unfortunately the minimum withdrawal is £10 so unless you win £10 you have no choice but to gamble your winnings away.
I’ll stick to Bingo bash on the iPad/Facebook for my bingo kicks – at least I enjoy playing it!