Review: Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep
Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book – part of the enjoyment could have been due to the fact I listened to the story on Audible rather than reading it. That said I came to look forward to my 50 minute commutes so I could catch the next slice of the story.
Was this a perfect story – no, and it probably wasn’t one of Stephen King’s best pieces of work but that’s not to say it isn’t good. I loved the idea of the villains, ‘the true knot’ who have a range of shining like talents, but feed like vampires on the children who have the shining. I found myself drawn to the baddies because whilst you don’t like how they survive (and their contempt for normal people), you do get to know some of them quite well and I felt a certain envy of their carefree lifestyle.
Whilst the story is a sequel to the Shining, it has been many years since I read that book and I don’t think this detracted from the story. Many of the important aspects of the story are recapped in this book, enough to jog your memory if you’ve read it before.
The start of the book was a little confusing (perhaps I wasn’t paying full attention) but the book jumps through the life of the main character so twenty years pass in the blink of an eye. I found myself trying to work out what was happening because I hadn’t kept pace. The book is set over many years and not all of them are relevant to the story, hence the jumps.
Whilst there are lots of unanswered questions in my head (I have to keep telling myself it is only a piece of fiction!) I really enjoyed the premise of this book, the characters and the story telling. As with all King books the ending wasn’t fantastic but it still held a few surprises and twists. Recommended!

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