Review: Mr. Mercedes

Mr. Mercedes
Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a strange book for Stephen King. No supernatural beings, no aliens, no monsters or rabid animals. This is a classic thriller, the story of a retired cop who is targeted by a serial killer who he failed to catch when he was in service. The story turns into a cat and mouse tale, with the story switching between cop and killer.
What this book has got is the usual hallmarks of a King story. Excellent story telling, well built up and defined characters, a hook at the start to reel you in and plenty of suspense. What there isn’t in this book is anything different or special – whilst I enjoyed the book I felt it wasn’t one of his best books. It felt relatively ordinary and that disappointed me – I expect more from Stephen King.
I would still recommend reading this book but don’t be expecting ghosts, hauntings or supernatural goings-on, there isn’t any – it’s just a plain cop and killer story…

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