Comparing benchmarks – why a cheap 7" windows tablet might not be such a good deal

I’ve been looking at the HP stream 7 as a cheap email tool – it comes with Office 365 personal so you can run full Office and Outlook on it if required.  It has an Atom processor (reviews suggest the current Atom isn’t that bad, I’ve got a nettop with an old one in packed away somewhere) but the most attractive feature is the price – £90 from the HP store with student discount.

I’m not a huge fan of benchmarks but there are a few browser-based benchmarks that are cross platform and let you compare devices.  I know the browser influences the score so I ran all the tests using Google Chrome, the final results should give a rough yardstick to compare devices.  Using my 10″ touchscreen netbook as a point of reference, I decided to run a couple of benchmarks…
Octane 2.0
Acer Aspire V5 Netbook running an AMD A6 processor- Score 3614
octane netbook
Galaxy Nexus 5 – Score 4163
Toshiba core i5 (low voltage) based Ultrabook – 17476
HP Stream Octane score – 5897
Sunspider scores

  • Acer Aspire V5 netbook – 1178 ms
  • Galaxy Nexus 5 phone – 907 ms
  • Toshiba i5 ultrabook – 284ms

Whilst these are only a measure of browser performance and not general operating performance, you can see that buying underpowered Windows based tablets may be a false economy if you want to anything but the most basic of tasks.