Review: Blake's 7: Lucifer

Blake's 7: Lucifer
Blake’s 7: Lucifer by Paul Darrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is really mostly for us ageing Blake’s 7 fans. The book starts with the story of Avon and his current location. Throughout the novel (which is about the right length and easy to read) the story explains a little about the Quartet which rules after the fall of Servelan and the federation. We find out how Avon escaped death (I’ve waited 30 years to know how this happened!) and what he is up to now. The character of Kerr Avon is in keeping with the tv series and the writing (which is surprisingly good for Paul Darrow) is also in keeping with the series.

Perhaps only for hardcore fans of the TV series but a good complement for my growing collection of audioplays etc from Big Finish.

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