The failings of Ultraviolet and the movie

There are many reasons that people pirate movies and software.  Cost is one of them but convenience and portability is another.  How many DVDs have you watched that forced their piracy propaganda down your throat? How many movies do you have on iTunes or Google play that you want to watch on an incompatible device?
I’ve just upgraded my pc and reinstalled the Blinkbox app.  It flashed up a notification telling me it had upgraded my library with ultraviolet (which lets you watch your purchased movies on other services – after all you have paid for them).
As you can see that doesn’t include all the movies in my collection – MY collection that I have PAID for.  Blinkbox isn’t a bad service and I’m sure it will continue to stick around under TalkTalk – but what’s the point in a service if movie makers don’t sign up to it.
Unfortunately they seem more interested in milking us for all they can than making us happy repeat customers.  No wonder the pirate bay hasn’t seen a decrease in traffic – I’m sorely tempted too!

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