Update: Six weeks since surgery (living with cauda equina syndrome)

Six weeks have flown since my operation.  I’ve had several return visits to the hospital and even a visit to my GP as well. What’s happened since my last update? I still haven’t gained nerve sensation in my legs or bladder/bowel function My consultant seemed pleased with my progress.  I don’t have to go back […]

Normally I love getting free gifts but I'm not so sure about these…

I paid another visit to Derby Royal Hospital and I couldn’t complete this post without commenting on the fantastic service I received. I left with a selection of ‘freebies’ – samples of various catheters for use away from home. Normally I love coming home with a goodie bag but today I’m not so sure… 🙂

Update: four weeks since surgery (coping with cauda equina)

I can’t believe that it’s been four weeks since I had my operation.  In that time I’ve made regular visits to the hospital and have started to come to terms with the changes in my abilities. What’s happened in four weeks? My wound has nearly healed – just a little scar is all I have […]